Jay Michaels


Jay Michaels has spent his entire life studying and performing Music.

He started on the Trombone in 5th grade and moved to Guitar, Piano and Voice studies in his teen years.

Jay earned a BA in Music from Anna Maria College where he studied Classical Guitar.

He taught Music for many years while performing at various venues in Massachusetts and eventually taught himself to play the Harp.

Jay Michaels plays many instruments including the Cláirseach (wire-strung Irish Harp), Renaissance Gothic Harp, Celtic Folk Harp,  Classical Guitar, Mountain Dulcimer, Bowed Dulcimer/Viol and he sings.   He is a full time musician.

  In addition to his duties with The Harper and The Minstrel, He maintains a solo Harp career, and produces music for film and TV productions.

Jay's Harp playing has enhanced several Television programs including ABC's Nashville & Secrets and Lies, NBC's Parenthood & Parks and Recreation, Fox's Lie To Me, & Rosewood, the HBO Series Hung and the WIGS web-series PALOMA.
 His Music also appears in the Independent Films How To Be A Latin Lover and Baby Baby Baby.

Abby Michaels


Abby Michaels has been involved in Music since she was old enough to reach the keys on the family Piano.

She began singing at an early age and became very involved in the school Music programs.

Abby earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from Westfield State College where she studied Opera.

For several years Abby taught music in the public and private school systems, and has also taught recorder and voice privately. She was also a popular soloist for Church services.

She now pursues a full time Musical Career performing hundreds of Concerts every year at a variety of venues.

In addition to being an accomplished vocalist, Abby plays Silver Flute, Irish Wooden Flute, The Greek Aulos (also known as the Double Flute or Divergent Flute), Recorders, Penny Whistles, Hammered Dulcimer, Guitar, Harp and Bowed Psaltery.

She recently built a beautiful Hammered Dulcimer that she currently plays in Concert.

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Jay and Abby Michaels are members of
Early Music America

 Jay Michaels is a member of

The Historical Harp Society

The Viola da Gamba Society

The Harper and The Minstrel have appeared at many North American Festivals including:

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Florida Renaissance Festival.

 Sterling Renaissance Festival

 Southern California Pleasure Faire

 New York Renaissance Faire

 Georgia Renaissance Festival

 Hoggetowne Medieval Faire

 Great Lakes Medieval Faire

 Connecticut Renaissance Faire

King Richard's Faire

New Bedford Folk Festival

 Phoenix Faerie Festival

 ICONS Irish Festival

 Dundee NY Scottish Festival

UMass Center for Renaissance Studies

 Boston Green Fest

   Soule Homestead Folk Festival

 Taunton River Folk Festival

 South Shore Folk Music Club 

 Boston Spring Flower Show

and more

The Harper and The Minstrel have been performing together for over a dozen years


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