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Renaissance Dance and Romance -  A delightful collection of Renaissance Dances and Love Songs played on an assortment of traditional instruments and sung in a variety of languages including Galician, 
Ladino, Italian, French, Haitian Creole and English

Wynter Wakeneth - Winter Music from Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque times. Sung and Played on an assortment of period instruments.

A Sonnet for the Queen - A collection of Renaissance, Celtic and Original Music.

Beloved Mine - A collection of more Celtic, Renaissance and Original Music.

Chasing My Muse - Original Music composed and performed by Jay and Abby Michaels. Including The Hobbit Drinking Song, Believe, The Last Day of The Faire and more!

The March of the Elf King - Instrumental Early Music and more.

The Road To Lindemar - An instrumental collection of still more Celtic, Renaissance & Original Music.

To Thine Own Harp Be True - Jay Michaels Solo Harp album of Instrumental Renaissance and Celtic Music.

Opening The Harp Chakra - Jay Michaels Solo Harp album of Instrumental New Age Music.